ČESTR restaurant, part of the renowned restaurant chain Ambiente, opened in 2011 and is situated right in the heart of Prague in
Wenceslas Square. The restaurant takes its name from the Czech spotted cow "Čestr”, which is an abbreviation for the Czech Fleckvieh breed, and this name echoes the speciality of this 160 seat restaurant - matured beef and local ingredients from Czech farms.


The concept of this successful restaurant focuses on the outstanding quality and flavour of matured meat that is baked, grilled, roasted or slow-cooked.  Along with the popular steaks, the menu also includes traditional Czech specialities, poultry and local freshwater fish.  The Czech baked escargots, homemade sausages and other delicacies prepared using regional ingredients are also very in demand.

The restaurant carefully selects meat of the very highest quality, thereby allowing the Chef to utilize all of the parts of the animal, which are then used for the main dishes, as the basis of traditional broths or are smoked.

The idea of ČESTR restaurant is that the guests should be always informed about the cut of meat that has been used for their meal, so the meals are served directly by the Chefs.  In this way they can explain characteristics of each cut to the enthusiastic gourmets and offer them more specialities from the daily menu, which varies throughout the day in order to guarantee the freshness of the ingredients coming in from the small-scale Czech farmers.

THE CHEF. Pavel Straka.

Pavel Straka has been working as a Chef at ČESTR restaurant for two years after gaining significant experience in other restaurants in the Ambiente chain.  

His passion for culinary traditions and modern trends is reflected in the combination of various cooking technologies and procedures  - from the charcoal grill to the modern UNOX combi oven.

"Modern processing of the freshest ingredients from carefully selected Czech farms represents a trend in contemporary Czech gastronomy. Our customers are pleased to discover the almost forgotten flavours of traditional Czech cuisine, which is prepared daily by our team in the restaurant".



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