AIR.Maxi™ is the Unox patented technology that ensures uniform cooking on every point of the pan and on every pan in the oven. This technology ensures the perfect distribution of air, and therefore of the heat inside the cooking chamber.

How does it work

AIR.Maxi™ is the result of a detailed study of the air flow within the cooking chamber.

The multiple  auto-reversing fans and high speed motors guarantee a perfectly uniform cooking result in all pans (from those at the bottom of the oven to those at the top), and wherever the food is placed on the pan (at the front and back of the cooking chamber).

What is it


The possibility of choosing from 4 air speeds and 4 semi-static modes allows you to cook any product, from the most delicate items to products that required a high rate of heat transfer.


Cooking uniformity.

Quality without compromise.


The ovens that use this technology

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