Add your touch of brilliance. Freely, when you want to. Allow your creativity to be repeated by any of your collaborators. The visual language MIND.Maps™ technology allows you to carry out even the most elaborate cooking processes with a few simple hand-drawn gestures on the screen. With the MASTER.Touch pen you can draw your cooking process and save it in the MIND.MAPS program so that your touch of brilliance can be repeated as many times as you wish.

"Don't select a cooking program. Draw your own."

In fact you will personally create the curves that regulate the temperature, humidity and fan speed,
according to the lines you draw on the display.

This is a unique patented technology. MIND.Maps™ breaks down the barriers between your idea and the dish you serve. Today you can truly invent your own cooking process and draw it second by second.

"The invention of personality.
In a gesture."


Made up of your daily gestures, MIND.Maps™ technology carries out exactly the cooking process that you have in mind. Precision and creativity combine to give you excellent dishes and to build together with you repeatable processes that reduce time and costs. Simply: a gesture, a line. That's all. You imagine it, the oven does it.


Add your touch of brilliance.

Sign your cooking process.


The ovens that use this technology

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