SILO is a restaurant, bakery and a coffee house which sources supply from the root, shunning the traditional restaurant approach to buy in pre-prepared and packaged ingredients providing a truly organic experience. With its own brewery on site, freshly made butter, bread and ingredients all made on site, this makes SILO very different from the traditional. All produce provided to the restaurant is provided locally, delivered in re-usable containers where nothing is thrown away. The restaurant is filled with a vast array of waste management tools and technology, with ‘Big Berther’, the 48 Hour composter that turns food waste into rich compost that is traded with suppliers for discounts on produce coming into the restaurant.

THE CHEF. Douglas McMaster.

Head Chef and eco entrepreneur, Douglas McMaster is passionate about cooking with over 12 years experience but even more passionate about waste. "At SILO we believe in food purity, relying on natural farming systems to determine what we cook and how we cook. We have a broad network of ethical farmers, growers, waste management groups, tea merchants, beans to bar cacao producers, coffee roasters all working together without waste. In our journey to achieve zero waste we discovered primitive food systems that not only support our package-free lifestyle but has led to a way of preparing food from its wholest form. We mill our own flour, use raw milk, make butter and cheese and ultimately aim to create a far more delicious end product which is as nutritious as it is tasty." Chef Douglas McMaster

THE OVENS. 2 x Unox 5 Grid Cheftop Combi Ovens Model XVC305EP stacked.




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