La Marmite is an association located in suburban Paris aimed at helping poor, unemployed and homeless people of many different nationalities.  One of the activities the organization carries out is providing professional training in the kitchen. Head chef Vincent Piette passes on his knowledge and vast experience in an accelerated training program which helps people find a job and social stability. La Marmite is a welcoming place where everyone puts their unique touch of brilliance into the pot to create delicious culinary masterpieces.

The specialties are created by a fusion of different cuisines from around the world, combining the flavours, spices and expertise of each culture and aspiring to forge an open-minded mentality, while respecting the culinary skills of each chef. The eight gastronomic cultures represented are Tibet, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Somalia, Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo and France.

THE CHEF. Vincent Piette.

Since he was young, Vincent Piette has always followed his passion and after studying and taking many professional training courses he specialized in pastry and confectionery. He has worked for several renowned luxury hotels, restaurants and chocolate shops. When Vincent is not teaching and baking he spends his time at the Mill Marteau in Thuin in Belgium, where he is working on renovating and transforming the mill into a hotel and restaurant.

Vincent was won over by UNOX and the many different ways that the oven can be used. He loves the idea of being able to put a signature to his culinary specialties. He would strongly recommend UNOX ovens to other chefs as it helps them create original and high-quality dishes, while guaranteeing perfect cooking results.

THE OVENS.      

CHEFTOP XEVC-0711-E1R (La Marmite) 
CHEFTOP XEVC-0511-EPR (Mill Marteau)





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