Together with the other UNOX technologies, this range of pans and grids has been specially developed in order to allow the user to experience innovative cooking techniques only previously possible through the use of additional specific stand-alone kitchen equipment.


For grilling meat, fish and vegetables

The FAKIRO™ Grill is a made from a thick layer of aluminium coated with a specialised non-stick material. This coating prevents food from sticking to the grill and simplifies cleaning operations. The fluted aluminium plate once preheated quickly accumulates energy which is efficiently transmitted to the food. This guarantee an even result and reduces cooking times by up to 40% compared to a traditional grill.


Pizza and focaccia baking
FAKIRO™ is made from a thick aluminium plate that quickly transmits accumulated heat to the dough, simulating the effects of a stone in traditional static ovens.
FAKIRO™ reduces the baking time by up to 50% compared to simple convection baking and delivers a perfect baking symmetry on the top and bottom surfaces of the food. The FAKIRO™ is available in sizes: GN1/1, 600 x 400 and 440x330.


Steaming and frying
The No Fry pan is perfect for steaming and also for frying without oil.
Frying within the oven chamber with No.Fry eliminates the problems associated with traditional frying systems; there is no smell and no waste oils to dispose of. This increases time efficiency and savings in consumables. The No.Fry basket is easy to clean because it is not composed of twisted steel wires, but is manufactured using modern moulding techniques.


Chicken and poultry roasting
Pollo maximises the capacity of the cooking chamber and optimises airflow on the inside and outside of each bird, thanks to the unique cone shaped tips on the rack, securely holding each bird in the optimal cooking position.
The result is a perfect roast inside and out. Each rack can host up to 8 birds weighing up to 1.1 kg.


Roasting and pan frying
Black is specifically designed to roast and pan-fry breaded foods. Coated with non-stick material, Black prevents food from sticking and facilitates easy cleaning.

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