Summer is all about hot temperatures, sunshine and holiday travels. It is the time when our food habits vary the most and we dare to experiment with new recipes and try some new dishes!

What are the favourite foods in summer 2016? There’s one clear food trend: people increasingly want healthier foods, which are rich in nutrients and in line with a balanced lifestyle. This is something very much needed given how hectic everyday life is. In the same way we look for more exotic foods, especially Asian, to add to our Western habits.

Matcha mania

Matcha is a powder of intense green colour used in tea-making. It’s one of the most popular varieties as it can be used in several ways – ice cream, jellies, creams and biscuits – it is rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. Furthermore, it’s the tea with the highest percentage of antioxidants (even more than regular green tea).

Looking for a special summer version? Matcha Martini is a refreshing cocktail full of deliciousness.

Matcha Tè

Seaweed for all

Why would you ever eat seaweed? Well, they help you get rid of those toxins accumulated in the body and they improve the metabolism. They are incredibly easy to digest, nevertheless it is advisable to begin with small quantities in order to get used to the taste of iodine. They can be used in many ways, from soups to omelettes and from main dishes to salads.

Alghe Trend Alimentazione Estate 2016


In summer we travel constantly and as soon as we have a break we feel the need to keep hydrated. Why deny ourselves a sweet and healthy break? Smoothies are among the most hydrating drinks and you can mix flavours as you wish. Here are some examples:

Centrifughe Trend Alimentazione Estate 2016

Veg waters

Coconut, aloe and birch water are the most common, they have conquered even the most sceptic of consumers with their healthy properties for our organism.  For example, coconut water, which is extracted from green coconuts, has antibacterial properties, boosting the immune system and having positive effects on our metabolism and circulation.

Acqua di Cocco Trend Alimentazione Estate 2016

Goji berries

Goji berries come from central Asia, as they are grown in the area from Himalaya to Mongolia. They have always been considered as an essential ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine thanks to their healing and preservative properties. In recent times they have begun to become popular in Western countries as well, where they are consumed dried or in the form of concentrated juice with yogurt or fruit juice. The taste is similar to that of blueberries or raspberries.

Bacche di Goji Trend Alimentazione Estate 2016

Enjoy your summer!

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