The ovens of the future will not only guarantee excellent cooking performance, they will also be able to offer valuable data for the optimization of the chef’s performance. The Research & Development Department of Unox has been working on this goal for a while now by adding the concept of Internet of Things to the oven design. Thanks to this approach the Unox cooking system technology is truly at the service of the chef, without depriving him of his tasks in the kitchen, but on the contrary giving him more control over the cooking processes and therefore having more time to dedicate to the creative phase.


For Unox the oven is not just a cooking tool but also a reactor of chemical and physical processes for food transformation.


This product evolution has been feasible thanks to the huge investment into human resources and the creation of a commercial structure along with a centre for Research & Development which employs more than 40 people, mostly based in the HQ in Padua. Thus, Unox went from being a mere ‘producer’ to being an ‘innovative enterprise’ within its industry, as confirmed by the CEO, Nicola Michelon: “In 2007 our turnover was 40m and we were a simple manufacturer of ovens tied to external distributors. From the following year we were able to become something more thorough by building an independent commercial structure that would allow us to work on the value chain and that would link clients directly to our brand.”


In 2015 Unox reached a turnover of 80m (+9% from 2014) after investment in marketing and distribution. In order to bring innovation in oven technology, the company decided to source skills and knowledge of young physics coming from the University of Padua. “I have an engineering background and I wanted to confront myself with free ideas and high-level skills. We therefore hired 8 physics from the University of Padua with the aim to build a product that would include Internet of Things, which is a tool able to offer not only great performance but also data to optimise our clients’ work.”


That is the reason why we designed Unox smart ovens, a unique product, that combines innovative performance and fundamental information for both us and our clients. The oven was launched in the second half of 2015 and Unox’s turnover increased by 23% in 6 months.


Thanks to this success Unox expects to recruit 260 new employees in the next 4 years within 2020: with such growth forecast, Unox is beginning not to think only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of human resources necessary for reaching its expansion goals in the market.


Unox individual cooking experience

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